I'm done.

Done waiting for something to happen.
Done waiting for life to happen.

Done thinking that I am going to accomplish 'great things' for God.

Done with myself.

I am a member of the body.
Each member has its own function.
My function is to study the Word of God and to share it with others.     

Other people have their own function within the body.
It is theirs.
Mine is not the same as theirs.
Theirs is not the same as mine.

They are all equally important.

If God wants me to share it with one other or with a million others, that's up to Him.

I have been waiting around for something amazing to happen.
Waiting for God to open a door for ministry that would launch me out there.

I read blogs of others wishing I could write like them.

I hear stories of others ministries and wish I had one of my own.

Missionaries send reports and I want to go where they are.

I have been discontent... wanting what others have.

He just wants me to study and learn and share.
It already happened and the memory of it is indelibly printed within.
I have been launched, although I didn't feel the bottle of champagne burst against my hull.

His spirit moves within me.   
And you?



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