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Fluff & Substance

Truth is... it's all fluff. All that stuff that you want to do or have or be?     It's Fluff.
Truth is...  we are human.   Even when we try to do right, we do wrong.  
Truth is... there is nothing we can do about it.    Nothing at all. We are fluff stuffed.    We are heavy and weighted down by the accumulation of it. It is the soft and compliant filling of our lives that suffocates our vision, holds us down, and takes the place of our real need.   No matter how hard we try, no matter how many times we watch "Dr. Phil", read "Dear Abby", knock the dust off our Bible or listen to a preacher or read our daily devotional.....  None of it matters until we get real with ourselves and get bare faced, nothing held back, eyeball to eyeball, gut wrenching, heart wrecking honest with God.   Until we get sick to death of the fluff and are ready to trade it for something of substance.    Ready to take Him up on His offer. If you will expose your innermost to Him, whi…