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Outrageous Belief Too

That's NOT My Fork!
You may not believe this.
Yesterday I decided to make bacon and eggs for breakfast.
Well, you might believe that.  But you may not believe what happened next.   
But it did.
I had just emptied my dishwasher and put everything in its place and I didn't want to mess up the kitchen again, but I was hungry.
So I get the bacon going and it's sizzling nicely in the skillet.
I have to interject here that as I was doing all  of these things, I had been talking to God.   I was just kind of matter-of-factly speaking out loud and letting Him know that I am trusting Him and reminding Him of my needs which are pretty pressing right now (just in case He forgot).  
Finally, I was like, "Well, Lord, I have shared all my jumbled up thoughts and don't even know if any of it made sense, but I know You can sort it all out.  I've been talking and talking and haven't let You say a word.  Father, please speak to me ... let me hear from You."
As I…


At some point we have to answer the same question that Jesus posed to His disciples "Who do you say that I am?" I think He meant more than what they said about Him, but also what they actually and truly believed in their hearts about Him. If I say "You are the Son of God, my Savior, my Redeemer, my Provider" it doesn't mean a thing unless I actually and truly believe it in my heart. It doesn't mean a thing unless I live my life like I believe it with all my heart. When the Holy Spirit fell with a rushing wind and tongues of fire on the disciples on the day of Pentecost, their faith became a powerhouse that enabled them to live the rest of their lives teaching and speaking and unceasingly sharing Jesus, and performing miracles regardless of the personal consequences that befell them. We have the same Holy Spirit power within us. So how do you answer the question from Jesus? Who do you say that He is? How does that affect the rest of your life? #outrageousbel…