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Thank You Jesus!

Nick Wallenda walked across the Grand Canyon on a 2" wire tonight.    He did it on live television before a TV audience of millions upon millions.

Before he walked, the tv crew showed us his weeks of preparation for the event.   He shared his family with us and their enthusiastic support of his desire to perform.

There was a lot of preparation... a lot of hard and physical work and planning.   It all culminated in one thing.   

The walk.

On a 2" wire with no net, no tether, with nothing holding him there except his physical ability and his faith.

He walked across a 1500 foot chasm from one solid rock to another.     His family and friends holding their breath as they silently cheered him on.

I held my breath too.

As he walked, he began to praise Jesus.   "Thank You Jesus... Thank You Jesus."    "Praise You Lord."    "You are King of Kings.... Thank you Jesus!"    

It was a continuous prayer of praise and supplication as he walked that narrow w…