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My ice maker is on the fritz.   

Not on the fridge... on the fritz.   It's fritzed out...

I'm not complaining about it.   It's been inoperable for several years now.    

Does not work.

There is probably a simple fix for it, but I've just never bothered.

Not that I mind.    I bought some plastic ice trays from today's version of the five and dime store and life went on.

I have filled and emptied and filled and emptied these plastic ice trays for years now.  

Every time I do this, I think of my childhood when home ice makers didn't exist.    If they did, I was not aware of them.  We didn't have one.    Shoot!  We were barely past the time where you had to go buy a block of ice to put in your icebox.     No, little ones, I am not making this up.   I was a kid in the good old days.

We had ice trays that needed to be filled when they were empty.

So you see, what appeared at first to be an inconvenience actually became a pleasure taking me back in time to si…