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Holy Father... Precious God of all creation... Thank  You. Thank you that I can come BOLDLY into Your throne room.  Unannounced. Yet not unexpected. Thank You that I do not have to do battle in order to enter Your presence.  You anticipate my entrance and look forward to our conversation.  You welcome me with open arms. Thank You for Your Son, Jesus... Lamb of God, King of Kings, Savior, Friend. Father, God... I come before You, knowing and believing  through  your Word, that I can present my petitions and be heard.  Knowing that when I ask, I am forgiven.     Knowing that Jesus intercedes for me.   He is not an earthly advocate that would only know the facts of my situation yet have no understanding or compassion for the intimate personal longings and desires of my heart. He is not a prosecutor, pointing out my faults and weaknesses. He is my personal representative in Your presence.  With the Holy Spirit, He knows my heart, my soul,  my situation, my wants and needs and dreams.  He even knows…