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Random Evening In An Emergency Room

Friday afternoon I get a phone call. 

"We need to take your Dad to the ER."

We tried to convince him to go in an ambulance so that he would not have to sit in the waiting room.   Ambulance patients arriving get preferred treatment in the ER.   They are rushed right into the sacred halls of the actual exam rooms rather than being consigned to the black hole that is the average ER waiting room. 

But he refused that preferential treatment, not believing that they would make him wait.

Four hours after arriving ... his name is finally called and he is taken back to actually be treated.

In those 4 hours in the time warp, we witnessed quite a few startling and disturbing incidents.

First of all, the waiting room was filled with people and we were told that some of them had already been there four or five hours!   But who knew, maybe we would make it out of there quickly!   We could only hope.

We found a little corner of the room and began serving our time.   It was a cozy little corner ne…