This Is It

We just want to be held.

No.. strike that.

We just NEED to be held.

Held softly securely as though we are priceless and the rarest of treasure.

Held urgently and tightly to heaving chest and flowing tears of joy as though  we had been lost and then found!

Held like a child embraced and pulled close to the love heart of a mother, father, grandparent.

Held as if all of breath and life and love and grace resides in us.

Held in a way that lets us know that we are needed, essential, vital and indispensable, necessary.

Held because we are loved beyond all measure and understanding and no one could ever know the depth of it.

Held as if we will never be let go.  Never.. be.. let.. go..  Never..

In our desperate need, we must surrender to the embrace and allow ourselves to be entrapped and entranced by the One that holds us.    Relax... be still....release and lean into the caring.... the need of the One.

The One that sacrificed everything.... just so that He could hold us in His mighty and gentle arms.

The only One that will ever satisfy our most intimate need.   

Father, Son, Holy Spirit.


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