One thing I know is that there is no one perfect.  
Not me. Not you.
It is always easy to point a finger or say harsh words instead of having a heart of compassion and lifting up another when they are down.
Jesus is the only perfect One and He said "let him without sin cast the first stone."   
He said to take the plank out of your own eye before pointing out the speck in another's.
He went first to those in the most desperate need... the outcasts of society... the diseased, the broken, the homeless, those with foul habits and filthy language, those that lived socially incorrect lives...people that most of us would avoid.   
You know.... those sinners.
He wasn't offended by them.   He is not offended by you.
He loved them.   He loves us.  
He never said "well I hope you have learned your lesson because hey you are unacceptable the way you are".
He just said "come to Me, all that are weary and heavy laden." 
He said "let the little children come".    
He didn't say "clean up your act and make yourself acceptable first."     
He knew there was nothing we could do about it.
Because He loves us so much, He made a choice to do something about the unacceptable and unpresentable condition in which we are born. 
He went to bat for me and you and mine and yours.
He laid it all down...  He gave it all up.
Nothing was too much for Him to do for us.  
Because we needed everything He had to give. 
Every scornful accusation He endured.
Every breath  He breathed.
Every lash of the whip.
Every blow to His body.
Every bruise.
Every thorn.
Every 9 inch nail.
Every disgusting dark despicable sin,  He became.
Every disease.
Every last drop of  innocent blood drained from His  body.
He willingly did what we needed Him to do.
To make us acceptable before God.  
Because we are unacceptable otherwise.
All He asks from us is that we believe Him and believe in Him....that we have faith in Him.... that we follow Him.


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