Bad Burger - Lesson Learned

At a local fast food place this evening, the young lady behind the register asked if she could help me and I began telling her my order.

While I was giving her my order, my cashier kept looking at the person next to me who was also placing her order with another cashier.

My young distracted cashier wasn't focused on me or what I was saying. I repeated my order to her at least 3 times all the while wondering if she was high on something.

When my meal was ready, of course it was not right. I returned it twice and on the third remake of my burger, it was still wrong.

I just shook my head and accepted that my fate this evening was to have a pretty bad burger.

It made me appreciate when I do get good service.

My rambling thoughts about this lack of personal attention landed right on my heart later  in the evening.

I attended a meeting tonight where a young lady was teaching about worship. She asked the group "what is worship"? A few people answered in various ways and the speaker gave her definition of worship.

All of the answers were good ones.

My experience at the restaurant hit home. Isn't it funny how God will use the most inane life experiences to grab your attention?

Because my thoughts about "what is worship" were: Giving to God our undivided and undistracted attention, our love, our worries, our pain and emotions, our trust and hopes and obedience in our prayer, our songs of praise, our speech and actions.

He inhabits our praise and worship. There is a flow of love and communication back and forth between the worshiper and the Worshiped.

In Spirit and in Truth.

The result is perfection.

I am thankful that when I talk with God and spend time with Him, He is paying attention to me and focused on our conversation.

Can you imagine presenting your prayer requests to God only to see Him listening to someone else while pretending to listen to you?

Then again, maybe God feels the same frustration when He tries to communicate with us and we don't pay any attention to Him. (which is not a good idea)

I confess, sometimes I am distracted by other things when He is talking to me.

Can we do this over, Lord?

Thank You for the bad burger tonight.

You got my attention.

My entire focus is on You and what You want.

Seek God.. He is not far. Worship Him. Give Him your time and attention. He is always listening and makes sure our prayers are answered perfectly every time.

Ramble on.


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