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You know they prayed.   Like most parents to be, they prayed for their unborn child.   They prayed for health, they prayed for blessings.  
Imagine their hearts breaking  and their disappointment when their son was born with a birth defect. 
Where was the blessing?  Where was the joy of having a newborn son?  What had they done to deserve this? 
Their treasure was born blind.
The wailing began.  The prayers began... the sacrifices began.  
To no avail.
Their son was not healed by their faith or their prayers or their tears.   He was blind.
Sometimes life is just hard and you don't get what you want.    You don't get what you pray for.
You live with disappointment and the disability.


We tend to meet such disappointments with the ache of anger and broken dreams.
Years later, after this child was grown into a man, he would spend his life begging.   It seems that was the only source of income for someone with such a disability.  
Every one knew him as the blind beggar.
Until one …