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Divorce and Diamonds

I was reading some comments a while back on a Facebook page.   This precious lady had lost her husband in the last year and she was talking about 'firsts'.     The first birthday without him and so on.  

Many people commented and commiserated with her.. some sharing their own stories of when they lost their spouse and the pain and anguish... the despair and forlornness  that they endured and still suffer.

Many offered words of encouragement and shared how, although they suffered loss, that God was with them and was their comfort and help.

Losing the love of your life at any age is unbearable and leaves one gasping and straining for one last touch, one last look or word, one last intimate embrace.   Holding on to memories as if they were a life preserver and you are drowning.

Even the not so good times are glossed over and become a diamond to treasure.

My heart  goes out to her and to all those that have lost their 'one and only' to the hereafter.    Heartache is physical, …